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Freelance Editing Jobs present a unique opportunity to begin an exciting career in the publishing industry while also working online. We have thoroughly reviewed and verified numerous employment sites and companies from around the world. Due to our research we can now present you with only the best and most legitimate telecommuting editing jobs online. We offer several available positions, including full-time and part-time editing jobs online. Some positions may require varying levels of experience and/or education to be considered for those positions.

Editing Jobs Online
are a wonderful opportunity for people interested in beginning a professional career online. These jobs allow you the chance to establish your resume with credible experience. You can also enjoy more flexibility over your work schedule. The time to start a career in publishing and editing is now. Begin by reviewing the complete listing of available freelance editing jobs.
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 Freelance Editing Jobs

Freelance Proofreader
We need an experienced proofreader to help us with proofing all our projects. Majority of these projects need to be proofed online from a provided URL link, text document or PDF. The kind of projects you'll be proofing will be web sites, microsites, eNewsletters, eAlerts, landing pages, Search Engine Optimization keyword content pages, new business proposals and presentations and other traditional marketing materials. Working off-site from your home is the best arrangement, but working from our office is also possible. Pace of work here is quick so you'd get proofing requests sporadically that need to be quickly turned around for us within 3-24 hours, depending on the project. You'll need to have a computer with online Internet access, ability to fax from your home and have experience working with the following applications: MS Word, Adobe Acrobat. Please provide us with a resume, cover letter outlining your proofreading experience, current situation for work and your hourly rate requirements.

We are seeking experienced proofreaders to work on a freelance, on-call basis for editing of our reports and communication materials. We work on a variety of documents, including social issue reports, press releases, leadership profiles, and case studies. Responsibilities will include checking grammar, spelling, and general light editing. We will provide an internal style guide, but proofreaders should also be familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. This position is geo-flexible, time-flexible, and for an independent contractor. The position requires a fluid schedule and a relatively low number of hours, and it is therefore best for someone who is already at the computer working on other projects.

Online Editors & Proofreaders
Currently, we seek editors from the following subject areas: Biosciences, Medicine, Pharmaceutical sciences, Physical sciences, Earth sciences, Engineering, and Economics. You should have 5 years of experience and hold a master’s degree. Candidates will need to take a short test to be considered for this position.

Science Editor
Earthzine, an on-line publication of the IEEE, is a contribution to the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observation and an official capacity building task for the Global Earth Observing System of Systems. The Earthzine staff includes volunteers and a few paid workers who oversee the site’s management, content development and operation. Earthzine seeks a motivated individual with interest in environmental issues to serve as Science Editor to support the development of Earthzine’s technical content. The primary responsibilities of the Science Editor are to work with the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor, Managing Editor, Content Manager, Associate Editors and other volunteers to review and edit technical articles, produce content, correspond with authors and promote the site. Collaboration is primarily via electronic communication. The Science Editor is a paid staff position.

HTML Editor Internship
Fusicology is looking for an intern who can work well with tight deadlines in a self-paced environment. We are looking for someone with excellent communication skills. This intern should possess the ability to have a quick turn around on project requests and always eager to learn something new. As a start-up, this intern will gain hands on experience with every aspect of design from wireframing, storyboarding to fully functional Web layouts on various projects under the Fusicology brand. This intern will work closely with the CIO and other interns in a virtual office setting.

In The Fray Magazine (, an online, award-winning, international publication that seeks to question, inform, and inspire conversations about identity and community, is looking for an Editor-In-Chief to manage the magazine's editorial staff and plan upcoming issues. Our organization is nonprofit and run by an all-volunteer staff, so there is only a very small honorarium for this position (half to be paid every six months), but it is a wonderful opportunity to work with a team of talented and passionate writers, editors, and artists; learn about online publishing; and influence public discussions about issues that you are passionate about. We are looking for a talented writer, editor, and manager to oversee the magazine's day-to-day operations, recruit new contributors and staff members, plan special issues, coordinate an all-volunteer staff of about 20, ensure that about 5-7 stories are published each month in a timely manner, write a monthly preview to each edition of the magazine, and plan and lead regular editorial board meetings each month. For this position, top-notch organization skills, reliability, the ability to manage a team of volunteers, enthusiasm, and creativity count for just as much, if not more, than editorial experience. We seek someone who can commit to working with us for at least six months for about 7 to 10 hours each week. All work can be done from your home, as you will communicate with other editors and writers primarily through e-mail and the phone. (Though we do not have an office, many of our staff live in New York City, and get together every few months.)

The writer will work remotely with a team of writers from many locations, tracking the competitive landscape, checking numerous sources looking for energy and environment items that pertain to our target market, and writing approximately six online stories per day, Monday through Friday, with the majority or all work being completed before 1pm EST. The writer must be adept at repackaging, writing and editing copy as needed. This is a contracted position, likely requiring a half-time commitment. Full-time employment position not out of the question for the right person. This is an ongoing position. This is an exciting opportunity to work for a publication that has rapidly become the top news source in its field. Strong opportunities for advancement exist as the publication continues to evolve and grow.

Content Writer/Editor
If you genuinely love fashion and know it is the ultimate industry for you- your place is at, a fast moving, Silicon Valley-based startup company. We are inviting you to be part of our enthusiastic team, creating a new concept to experience fashion online. We offer multiple positions for fashion-savvies from part time jobs to full-time. If you can evoke a discussion on Facebook and love talking fashion, this is the right position for you.

Secondary Language Arts Curriculum Writer and Content Editor
The Secondary Language Arts Curriculum Writer is responsible for developing course outlines, writing lesson plans, and creating scripts for online interactive tutorials. The Secondary Language Arts Content Editor will work with the curriculum and editorial teams to ensure quality and accuracy of content and to become familiar with and apply Connections Academy’s general editorial style guidelines. Develop course outlines to meet state and/or national standards.  The candidates’ responsibilities will be to: develop lessons, which will be delivered online, to meet state and/or national standards, develop scripts for online interactive tutorials, design and develop innovative instructional strategies to teach concepts and skills, work with the curriculum development team to develop a comprehensive and consistent academic program, work with editorial and curriculum teams to implement a comprehensive and consistent academic program, review interactive/online courses according to predetermined criteria in an online/Web-based format.

Video Production Editor
We are
hiring a part-time post production wizard. Our passion is HD-blow-your-socks-off video. We’re looking for someone who wants to put their skills on display. To be considered for this position you need to know all the magic happens at the editor's desk. We have existing content and raw footage. We're looking for someone who likes taking average footage and making it incredibly sexy. This position is part time, and pay is based on a specified contracted amount or by a competitive hourly rate.

Video Production Editor
Vidli is hiring a part-time post production wizard. Our passion is HD-blow-your-socks-off video. We’re looking for someone who wants to put their skills on display. To be considered for this position you need to know all the magic happens at the editor's desk. We have existing content and raw footage. We're looking for someone who likes taking average footage and making it incredibly sexy.

Editors and Proofreaders
We are always in the market for experienced, professional editors and proofreaders who are looking for a convenient remote/telecommute employment opportunity. Applications for full-time and part-time telecommuting positions from around the globe are accepted. When it comes to your work, you are accurate, cautious, conscientious, exact, fastidious, fussy, heedful, microscopic, nitpicking, painstaking, particular, persnickety, picky, precise, principled, punctilious, punctual, scrupulous, stickling, strict, and thorough. When it comes to your working relationships, you are cordial, friendly, gentle, good-natured, approachable, adaptable, flexible, amenable, receptive, responsive, and accommodating. You should have at least three years of experience in editing, writing, document production, or language teaching.

Virtual Editors
We receive a high volume of academic and business papers 24/7. EditorLive editors are required to provide corrections and suggestions in reference to grammar, spelling, document flow, punctuation, and usage within strict deadlines ranging from 3 to 72 hours, depending upon the client's request. He/She also must be skilled in Chicago, APA, AP, MLA, CSE, and other style manuals. All work is performed in four-hour shifts; you may select as many shifts as you would like to accommodate your schedule. The amount of money that you earn depends on the number of shifts that you select, the time of day of the shifts, how many other editors share your shift, and the number of documents which are uploaded to us, which depends, to a certain extent, on the academic/business year. You receive between 40 to 50% of the client's payment for each document that you edit. Editors typically earn anywhere from $300 to $3,000 every two weeks, depending upon the above factors.

Web Editor
We have an immediate opening for a style, beauty, and celebrity enthusiast with exceptional writing and editing skills along with a love of social media. We're launching new projects with dazzling and entertaining content. The Web Editor will be responsible for writing, editing and posting content to the company's female-focused, consumer-facing web sites. The Web Editor will also contribute to the company's text and email alerts. Duties will also include sourcing content from partners and outside contributors (bloggers, free-lancers, etc); editing content, writing headlines, teasers and summaries.

Contributing Editors
There are many opportunities for contributing editors with or without SEO experience to earn additional income working from home. We are looking for people willing to not only improve the quality of articles created on Bright Hub, but with a desire to rise to the challenge of growing the popularity of those articles. As a contributing editor for Bright Hub you’ll create an investment that grows monthly earnings over time.  Not only will you receive a per article and other upfront compensation you will earn 15% revenue sharing on each article you edited and promoted. As well as having unlimited opportunity, no cap for earnings payout.  Earn as much as you would like, we encourage you to find multiple ways of participating. Some sites limit how much you can earn, we do not.

Writers and Editors
LoveToKnow offers the most useful information on the topics you want to know more about. Each LoveToKnow channel provides accurate and in-depth resources, written by devoted writers and managed by expert editors. If you are a technically savvy, experienced writer with expertise in one or more of our topic areas, and you are interested in regularly contributing articles, we would love to hear from you. Please submit a complete writers' application. Applications without samples or submitted via email are not considered. Pay for approved writers starts at $20 per 650-word article, pending acceptance.

Online Production Editor
Some of the best environmental journalists on the planet write for NRDC’s OnEarth magazine. Over the past year, our website at has grown tremendously, as well. We plan to keep expanding our online offerings and are set to unveil an extensive redesign later this summer. We’re looking for a consultant to serve as production editor. Responsibilities may include: Posting stories to the website through our Drupal-based content management system. Copy editing and fact checking online stories before publication. Writing headlines and display type, selecting and cropping photos, deciding story placement, and otherwise ensuring the quality and timeliness of our homepage and other key aspects of Editing and production of audio slideshows, videos, photo galleries, and other multimedia features, and promoting content through social media. This consultancy will be based on an hourly wage.
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