Telecommuting Advantages For Employees

Telecommuting Employee Advantages

With the burgeoning ability of workers from different companies to perform their jobs from the comfort of their own home based offices, the telecommuting advantages for employees is growing by leaps and bounds. What was once considered a niche to a particular subset of occupations is now applicable for a whole host of different types of jobs. Workers can get more done, more efficiently all from their own homes in a way that is simply not possible through working in an on site company facility. And, with the ongoing innovations taking place in telecommunications and in computing, the world is becoming even smaller for telecommuters in all industries. While there are great benefits to companies, the telecommuting advantages for employees is especially noteworthy for companies considering a switch. 

Savings On Fuel, Time And Other Material Costs 

For workers, one of the most heavily noted benefits of telecommuting is the fact that they save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel costs, on repair expenses for their commuter vehicles, and on money for “business attire” for the company work place. Also, telecommuting workers report more free time that is not wasted in transit to and from an on site corporate work place. 

Fewer 'Personal Politics' At Play In The Work Place 

Another reported benefit is the fact that many employees report that work place morale skyrockets as there is far less time spent “gossiping” with other employees, and the numerous manifestations of “office politics” hardly ever occurs in a telecommuting workplace. This can be highly beneficial to workers and to overall productivity as well. 

A Sense Of Independence While Enjoying Stability Of Steady Employment 

Another great telecommuting benefit for employees is that, through a home based work space, they feel as though they have a measure of independence and that they are sort of their own boss, while still enjoying the stability that is provided by working for another company. 

Greater Productivity And A Higher Level Of Job Satisfaction 

Again, happy workers tend to be productive workers, and most telecommuters report a higher level of overall happiness and higher levels of satisfaction with their own jobs than similar workers who work in an on site corporate work place. This means that most workers who telecommute will generally strive to work harder and more quickly. 

And these are simply the more prominent items on the list of telecommuting advantages for employees. The fact is that there are numerous other benefits that come from working in one's own home based office or work station. And while some of these benefits may not necessarily be “quantifiable” in the traditional sense, workers in nearly every industry report an increased sense of loyalty to the company, a better sense of professional purpose and a host of other benefits. The telecommuting advantages for employees are simply one of the many reasons why companies should strongly consider making the switch from an on site work place to a telecommuting work place.


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Telecommuting Employee Advantages | How Employees Benefit From Telecommuting